Thursday, September 29, 2011

Meringues & Whole Wheat Molasses Bread...Oh My!

Heeeeey Guys!

Baking has taken over my life this week. It's all i think about...apart from you guys of course! 

Baking and Disney have been a huge part of my week...when i bake i play Disney songs and i sing super loud. That's just how i roll. I do that because if you bake happy i believe it will taste better. yeah, i do. No one like angry cookies. They taste bitter. Ew. 

I thought i would try something new and fancy. Something that would be amazing with Nutella. Not that i need an excuse to eat Nutella because i will eat it damn it! With whole wheat so i feel better about eating it. Good stuff. 

I made some super easy Meringues for my fella and family. It's like their crack. Meringue crack. 
Crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the inside. Sounds like me...BOOM. That made me sad. Silly me. 

Then i went to my baking list...This list consists of everything i want to bake. Things i have never baked before...teaching ourselves new things is and tricky. 

First thing on that list...Whole Wheat Molasses Bread. 
What on earth is that!? What would that taste like!? 
Heaven. That is what is tastes like. Whole Wheat Heaven. Not too sweet at all and kinda nutty! I had 2 slices for breakfast with my coffee. I felt like a grown up. I love that feeling. A grown up with a love for Nutella. 

These meringues were crazy easy to do! Super sweet too...if you have a super sweet will love these little clouds of sugar! 

For the Meringues you need - 

* 1 cup white sugar 
* 4 egg whites 
* 1 tsp vanilla extract 
* 1 tsp white vinegar

1. Mix the egg whites until firm. 

2. Add the sugar, vanilla and vinegar to the egg mix and mix it up until shiny and crazy stiff! I held the bowl upside down to brave!

3. Added the meringue mix to the baking sheet. I did this with a spoon, but you can pipe them on to make them look more fancy! 

4. Cook these at 225 degrees for 45 minuets until slightly browned. Turn the oven off and let the meringues cool completely in the oven. 

There we go! How easy was that! Serve these with strawberries and my Nana. She loves that shit! Or eat them by them selves...sweet deliciousness. 

Shall we crack on to the bread now? Yes! Lets doooo this! 

You will need - 

* 2 1/2 cups Whole Wheat Flour 
* 1/2 cup Cornmeal 
* 1 tsp Salt 
* 1 tsp Baking Soda 
* 1 2/3 cups Plain non Fat Yogurt 
* 1/2 cup Molasses 

1. Pre heat the oven to 325 degrees. Grease a 9x5 inch loaf pan. I used tin foil and spray butter. The tin foil makes it easier to take the bread out once cooked and cooled. 

2. Mix together the flour, cornmeal, salt and baking soda. Set aside

3. Mix together the yogurt and molasses. 

4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and fold together. The batter will look thick, but not dry. Add the batter to your greased pan and cook for 45 minutes. 

5. Place a skewer in to the middle of the bread to make sure it is done. If the skewer comes out clean, it is done! Wooo! 

6. Allow the bread to cool in the pan for about 20 minutes once it is cooked and then remove and put on to a cooling rack. This bread tastes good with butter or nutella! YUM! 

This will keep for 4 days at room temp if wrapped up good and tight! Enjoy!! 

Look at what we did! My friend, Dana was my tastier and enjoyed it thankfully! We are such bakers now a days! Proud of us and our adventure ways! Oh and i made cookies for the fire people! Taking it to them tomorrow...i feel nervous! What a loser. 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life lessons.

I'm 23 years old. Turning 24 in December. 

In the 23...nearly 24...(remember that...) years that i have been chillin' on this wonderful world, i have learnt some pretty useful life lessons. Some the hard way...those ones tend to stick with you forever, like 'Note to self, remember to wear a bra when you leave the house' This is actually a lesson i have learnt the hard way.
If you have small boobs, go for it! You will look like you live in France. How European of you! Gals with a little larger jugs should stick to wearing bras...always. and it's lessons! Maybe you can learn from some of my life lessons...then i can learn from yours. Lets help each other to be better people in life! Better people with bras.

1. Don't put crumbs in your mouth if you are not sure what they are. It's gross...and it will make you throw up. I have done this without thinking. I did. And it WASN'T what i thought it was. Brush those crumbs off the table. 

2. It's NOT ok to call someone you have only just met a 'Vagina face'. 

3. Check your shoes before you put them on. Fun fact...I put my shoe on this one time and a lizard was inside. Yeah. A lizard. It squirmed under my foot and i nearly died.  That happened. Scarred me for life. So...check your shoes! 

4. Whilst Rollerblading (a cool NO laughing) wear a helmet. I have been hit by a golf cart whilst gettin' my skate on. The 'lovely' golfer reminded me to wear a helmet...then asked for directions. I sent him the wrong way. Take THAT crazy golf cart man! Save your self the shame. Put a helmet on your noggin. 

5. Not all animals want to be stroked. Squirrels tend to be vicious. Don't touch them. Donkeys are biters. Stay away. And Some dogs are just ment to be guard dogs...your not the dog whisperer...that guard dog hates you and your strokes. Lesson. Learned. 

6. Check the toilet before gettin' your business on. I watched a news thing saying snakes really do go up drain pipes and come out of your toilet. That really happens. Touch wood not to me...*thanks the lord* But i have had bugs. Big gross and clearly perverted bugs swimming around the toilet water. Once a spider...i had a small heart attack. And a Daddy long legs...yes, i cried. And this evening a beetle. That one confused me. How on earth did it get there! Check people. Check your loo. 

7. Don't stare too long at someone. You will creep them out and you will be forever known as 'That staring creepy girl' Creep on their facebook instead. 

8. Don't flip off the crazy looking truck driver driving to close to you. His car is 10 times bigger then yours and has likely got a gun. Crazies don't tend to need a reason to shot people. Keep your fingers to yourself. 

9. If you have a boob pain/headache/tummy ache/any common illness...don't Google it. It will scare you and you will start planning your funeral. True story. 

10. Taxi drivers will remember most things you say and they are not drunk...unlike you...who is very drunk. So singing on the taxi ride home and then walking past the taxi men in the morning is going to be embarrassing. Especially when they see you and sing the songs you were singing...OH and call you the name you made up for your drunken self. Stella. Learn. Stay quiet. 

Please...learn from my mistakes. *sing* Life Lessons!*sing* beautiful.

Hey, lets bake and cook tomorrow. I have some stuff planned :D

Peace, Love & Kara <3  

Monday, September 26, 2011


(Do you remember when people used to say that all the time! And Scary Movie was like the funniest film EVER...then they over did it. Sad story) 

We are really doin' it guys! Today started of swell...apart from some people trying to ruin it...without even knowing it. People huh! 

Day 1 of operation 'Fresh Diet' is going swimmingly. 

Yeah i admit it...cookies are my main thought, but look at me ignoring those wonderful delicious little pieces of heaven...*cough* wow. Sorry about that. Goodness, but instead i am drinking my body weight in water sticking to 3 meals and day. Not one for 5-6 little meals a day...that makes me feel like i am eating too much and then i start to lack will power...i know me too well! 

So sticking to the 3 meal plan...with all the good foods that i have googled. Then i googled this pain i was having in my left boob...and it told me i had cancer and i cried. Google, why do you do this to me. Let's not dwell on my boob pain though...lets talk about something else. Please. 

Right now...RIGHT NOW i am watching Jeremy Kyle...If you aren't a jobless English person then you have no idea who i am chattin' about, you will soon though because guess what lucky America...Jeremy Kyle has a show over here now. (Just a side note, Jeremy Kyle is a terrible spokesperson for England. We don't all yell get a job and speak to you in a patronizing manner. AND we won't call you 'sweetheart') Geez. He is such a dick, but alas i can't stop watching him. It gives me a sense of home. A sense of home with an American sad is that! 

This has now got me to thinking about what else i miss from my homeland. What America just can't provide for me. I have told you about my Family & Friends...a nice bunch. Lets get to the things i miss now.

Boy oh you know what this calls for? Yep! You are right! A list! Gosh, you know me too well! *High five* 

* Rain - I miss rain...people in England will be like...'What?! You are a weirdo! Rain is shit.' I love the rain! Texas never has rain...maybe 3 times a year? I love being all snuggie inside...whilst wearing my snuggie...and drinking some hot coffee! So cozy! Rain, i miss you. Come to meeee!

* Pubs - English pubs are wonderful. America, god bless it does try...but it isn't the same. They don't have the same atmosphere. Sure they have the pervy old men, and the gals that want to show us they are girls by wearing the short skirts. Sure! I just miss being able to go to a pub with my friends and just sit and relax. Pub. I love you.

* Being able to walk EVERYWHERE - I miss this, you don't even need to drive in England. You can walk everywhere...or get a bus...or the train. I couldn't drive in England, manual just didn't like me. Round abouts were very scary to me...i would get confused and drive down the wrong road. I am such a hazard! Walking kept me fit, and i loved it! Texas...please make more pavements and cool down. Thanks. 

* Roast Dinners - Yesss! Roast Dinners. BOOM! Every Sunday my Daddy Bear makes us a roast dinner...Faye doesn't appreciate the meal. What's up with that!? Roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, veggies, gravy, chicken, stuffing...*drool* My tummy made a bear like noise. Pretty intense. I wanna make my American friends a roast dinner every Sunday. They will love it. 

* Fish & Chips - Heck yeah more food! Fish and Chips are a perfect take away food. Amazing. wonderful. yummy. All fried and delicious. Kirstie and i would eat fish and chips whilst watching Come Dine With Me. Such a good night in! Drenched in salt and vinegar. Gahh...shut up tummy! Focus on eating yourself...!!

* Little Cars - This is an odd one. But yes, i miss small cars. Cars over here are huge. You need a ladder to climb into some of them. The road shakes as the massive truck with the long horns or deer head mounted on the back zooms past. Not a fan...but then not a fan of the smart cars either. Nothing will please me! I miss Ford KAs. I do...that is strange of me. 

* English TV - Eastenders, Corrie, Come Dine With Me, there is more but i can not for the life of me think of them. TV in America is pretty amazing, maybe even better then English TV...but i need my soaps and defiantly Come Dine With Me. I do...i neeeeed them, but i live without them. Thank goodness for the interweb hey! 

* History - I miss the history of the buildings and towns. I never really thought about it before, but i do miss it. It is super duper lovely here! I love it, for real! Everything is only a few years old...Towns, shops, apartments and houses keep popping up...all beautiful and fresh. There is no character yet though. It hasn't been lived in. This is another thing my American friends would love to see, all the old churches and castles! They really are amazing. 

I feel like i am ranting about America...i fudging LOVE it here. I love everything about Texas. The heat i could do gets hot hot hot! I happily call it home though, but England will always be my number 1. 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

Sunday, September 25, 2011


If you know me...then you are fully aware about my weight issues...

Hi, My name is Kara and I am a dietaholic. 

It's a thing...It is! I swear! Dieting is something i all the time. Most of the time i am very unsuccessful, sadly...sweet treats are my weakness. My will power isn't as strong as it used to be. Also i live in America now. America the land of fast food and fried everything. Nobody seems to walk to shops or anything here either...I blame the heat. 

That isn't an excuse though! No way! I am just too tempted by all of the treats. Damn you food. Gettin' all up in my grill. 

So here we are. In this awkward chunky, can't stop eating stage of my life...again. 
At 20 years old i lost 112 a year. Impressed? Yeah you should be! I know i was! I could see my ribs, my hip bones and this bone i didn't even know existed on my shoulder...i had bones...i wasn't made of Jabba the Hut. All jiggly and sweaty. I would dribble at times. Goodness i was obese. 

I got to a size 12 from a size 22. On New Years Eve 2009 i wore a size 10 skirt...i cried. I high fived my reflection in the mirror. I drank about 2 gallons of Snake bite to celebrate. That's how i do it! Such a party animal. 

Now a days...i lose a pound and i celebrate by eating 100 cupcakes and cookies. Go me...You lost a eat 10 pounds worth of food. That's the way to do it. I realize that isn't the way to do it. I know looking at me like that. Shut up! Since moving from England i have put on 60 pounds. That makes me die inside. 

I am here today to make a pledge to you...a pledge that will be like no other pledge you have EVER heard. Nah i kid! You thought it was going to be about world peace or something! No way man...that is the dream, but Pres Obama won't listen to me!

My pledge is start a fresh, a diet fresh...a clean slate. Yeah i know, you have heard this already. Again...with the eyes! Yesterday i hit a new low...Sugar was my best friend yesterday...and i ate my best friend...alot. So here we are...again...I have nothing but good support surrounding  me. I have Advocare...i have a gym and a wonderful little walking park crazy close to me! So whats my deal?
Well! I will tell you! Food is my deal! I eat when i am happy, when i am sad, when i am ill, when i am seems to find my mouth. Exercise is boring, i just hate the gym. I will go for 2 weeks...get bored and stop going.

You can't get skinny by sitting on your arse and eating whatever treats that take your fancy! I wish you could though...that would be the bomb. Amazing skinny bomb. 

So I AM going to do this. I am going to lose weight and i am going to be happy with myself. I need a game plan! 

* Advocare. Morning & Afternoons. 
* Workout!! 
* Take Ruffles Bug out for walkies in the morning or afternoon on college days. 
* Drink plenty and plenty of water! 
* Stick to the good foods...good as in healthy good. 
* Think positive thoughts! far so good! We got that game plan down! Good job. Now to actually do it! 

Shall we do some reason why i want to lose weight? I think its for the i can focus! FOCUS.

* Feel happier
* Feel healthier
* Wear nice clothes
* Feel more confident
* Be a better girlfriend to my fella...i am not fun when fat and unhappy. 

Goodness, look at us! We are so in charge...Now should we do pictures? Ok! 

Size 22 & weighing a big old 18 stone/252 pounds

Size 12 & pretty drunk. I had a lot to celebrate! 

Size 16 & 60 pounds overweight. Ergh. Good lord. 

 Ergh i hate myself for getting back to this. I am asking you for some help...hit my face if you see me with a cupcake. Smack my forehead if you see me sitting on the sofa for more the 1 hour. Hit me hard! 

I can do this for real. FOR REAL!!! 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Scary Movies

Halloween is getting closer! I am fully aware it isn't October yet...but when you have that Halloween Fever, you can't help but count down the days! 

What's your favorite scary movie? *heavy breathing* 

 Oh! Sorry...i got caught up in the moment. That happens from time to time. Didn't mean to freak you out! 

Apart from the trick or treating, dressing up or even the Halloween baking...Scary movies are one of the funnest things about Halloween. FACT.

Last night Chrissy and myself got our creepy spook on...Tortilla soup, Pajamas (just me...any excuse to wear pjs!), Popcorn & Paranormal Activity 1 & 2. That's how we do it round these grown ups have movie nights whilst hiding under blankets. We jumped alot and made strange girlish noises...But then we started laughing as a lady got pulled down the stairs. We might not have taken it seriously. 

We are friends here, i won't lie to you...Paranormal Activity is jumpy and slightly creepy...but that is it. Not scary at all. I slept like a baby...but any noise i heard i assumed it was a demon stalker...plotting to have his way with me. Sicko.

So yeah, i would watch films like this over and over again. Scary movies are my favorite film genre. Their my thaaaang. That was quite gangsta of me, sorry.
I have more scary DVDs then any other DVDs...that's how brave i am. Yeah, so brave! Unless you put on Jurassic Park. Then i will cry, but you wouldn't do that to me! Would you? Nooo! Dinosaurs. Pah! Scary. Thank goodness they are NOT around anymore. 

As a child i was terrified of anything scary. Anything at all, my imagination was pretty intense. Night time was quite an issue for me at times...i would wake everybody up because i heard a noise and thought it was a monster. Pretty standard thinking. I would need the hall light on at all times...and my dog had to be on my bed throughout the night. Protection. He is such a tough guy! Bo i miss you and your manish ways. Faye hug him for me. There's a girl.

Now a days, horror movies make me excited more then anything. Ghosts are crazy interesting to me, and serial killers are fascinating...i maybe a strange chick for thinking like that, but that is just the way i feel. The child inside of me just needs a i hug her often. Make her feel safe! She is no longer scared...i don't need that hall light on anymore and Ruffles Bug can sleep in his own bed...although i would like him to sleep on my bed...because he is super cute.  Check out how grown up and brave i am! 

Now i want to share my favorite Scary Films with you...such a sharer! 

* The Shining. This was the first Scary Movie that i watched by myself...started off big! I was babysitting and nothing was on TV...either boxing or The Shining...i hate i watched The Shining. I fell in love with scary movies. The bathtub scene got me pretty good! Such a good film! Creepy, jumpy and actually scary! Wonderful fun! Jack Nicholson is an amazing actor. One of my faves. He is frightening, perfect for horror. 

* The Exorcist. A story about a girl possessed by the devil. An old school film made in the 1973. It was considered one of the scariest films of all time. I can understand why as nothing like this had been made in to a film before. Now a days we have quite the pick of possession films...lucky us! Disturbing in parts and quite creepy. I fully enjoy it! 

* Nightmare on Elm Street. The original...not the 2010 remake! I am such a fan of Freddy Kruger...he is a pretty frightening individual. Freddy haunts teenagers nightmares and kills them off one by one. A good slasher film! I have the boxset with all the films...Halloween is gonna be good! 

* Scream. I loooove the Scream movies! Gore and sooooo many wonderful horror movie cliches that make you shout at your TV! 'Don't go outside, you stupid bitch!' Yeah, i shout that...yet they never listen. Always goin' outside to investigate the strange noise and leaving the door wide open for any crazy psycho to creep inside! These films will keep you on your toes...poor Sidney Prescott...those crazy serial killers just won't leave her alone! Haven't seen Scream 4 yet...hopefully it is as good as the other 3! 

* Halloween. The original! Halloween is about a crazy fella called Micheal Myers who killed his sister age the age of 6. Pretty extreme. After he escapes the mental hospital 15 years later, Micheal starts to stalk Jamie Lee Curtis...well her character and her friends. Micheal just likes to get his murder on is all...with his creepy white mask and jumpsuit on. Standard. 

* Jaws. I love this film. It is defiantly one of my top 10 films ever. Jaws is about a crazy huge killer shark terrorizing the little town of Amity. Chief Brody, Hooper and Quint decide to go after Jaws...they should have gone in a bigger boat...hey! Yeah! Said it! The actors on this film didn't believe it would be a a big wrong were they!? Jaws was a huge success and still popular today. Well done Mr Spielberg, well done. 

* Saw. All gory and disturbing. I love these films, i am pleased they are done making them though. It was getting kinda silly. We get it...Jigsaw likes to teach people lessons! Jigsaw took it upon himself to teach the self abusing, self absorbed and naughty people lessons...that they either live through or a very creative...gruesome way. Chester Bennington died in Saw 6 (i think 6) killed me a little to watch, i had to remind myself it was just a movie. This has been the only horror film that i have gotten my fella to watch with me...and he loved it. 

* The Ring. NOT The Ring 2...what a shit film that was. The Ring is good...i like it...I like that is it actually quite frightening! If you watch the video containing the deadly will get a phone call a few seconds later telling you have 7 days to live. A week, so...start doing those things on your wish list! Samara, the strange child with long black hair in the video will come and get you after the 7 crawling at of the TV. That's magic for you. Scary magic.

* The Amityville Horror. The one with Ryan Reynolds. Ryan Reynolds. Goodness. Although i was waiting for him to say something funny throughout the movie (which he didn't) He was pretty awesome in this...all intense and shirtless at times. Wonderful.  So Ryan's house is basically telling him to murder his family...because houses do sometimes talk...based on a true story about a fella who really did murder his entire family. Grisly. What a crazy film...with a shirtless Ryan Reynolds. SOLD! 

* 28 Days Later. Zooooombie film! Zombies are terrifying...undead people trying to eat alive people's brains. I am fond of my this concept gives me chills. 28 Days Later is about this guy waking up for a coma to find the world has been taken over by a zombie virus. He and his gang try their best to stay alive in the crazy zombie filled land...that is England. Frightening. It was strange seeing tourist places looking abandoned, The London Bridge for example. So messy. Messy and quiet. Strange. 

*  The Crazies. Fear Thy Neighbors indeed! This film is about a small town being plagued with a crazy illness that causes insanity...mad, murderous insanity. Just another reason to fear tap water too. Kinda like zombies...zombies that can use guns, drive, talk and a whole bunch of random dangerous insane things. Jumpy and scary...i may have squealed at one point. That MAY have happened...OH and that fit fella from Justified is the main guy. Nice.

* Texas Chainsaw Massacre. This film made me uneasy about moving to Texas. I would be thinking the same thing! We are so in sync. Based on a true you know shit went down. A gang of rather good lookin' people...give or take a few...pick up this gal walking in the road...they kindly give her a does she repay them? I'll tell you how! By pulling a gun out of her lady garden and shooting herself! 1. how did she hold the gun in there? and 2. How rude is that? Making such a mess in their van. That all happens in the first 5 minutes of the film. You haven't even met the deformed stalking chainsaw killer and his cannibal family! Boy oh boy...this film is a treat. Jessica Biel is far to good looking. 

* The Orphanage. A Spanish ghost film. A lovely lady moves back to her childhood home where she was an orphan with her husband and son. She decides to open up an orphanage for handicapped children...but then her son starts making friends with invisible people...then goes missing. A sad tale with quite a twist! A tad creepy, not very scary. I really just like the story. Her hair is really nice too. Enjoy her hair. 

* Case 39. I loooove scary films when the main character has to find out the truth...they become awesome detectives! like in The Ring...quite the detective work going on there! Emily is a social worker...good for her. She helps a child with crazy parents and decides she wants the child. What a sweetheart! But shit hits the fan...i won't give anything away, that would be silly. And you would want to punch me. But yeah...things get pretty crazy. One part involves a closet...and chasing. That's all i am saying...but that scared the ba-geeeez  out of me! Bradley Cooper is in it too...*SWOON* Bradley with his manish manly ways. And Renee Zellweger is the main gal...her face is scary as it is. Oooh! i went there. 

So, there we have it...check out some of my favorite scaaaary movies. Did i get you in that Halloween feeling? I hope i did! I know i am...but when am i not to be fair. 
I am about the watch The is ment to be quite a good ghost movie...we shall see! I will keep you updated with the films i see. 

Just went and saw The Lion King in blew my mind. I sang along and cried and laughed really loud.  Yes. I am that annoying person that talks about the characters as if they were real people "Oh no...I hope he goes back to Pride Rock and shows Scar a thing or too!' Something i would say...something i DID say. I know Simba goes back, but i just need people to feel the passion. Totally makes sense and you know it! 

Hey guys...i enjoyed this. I enjoy you. 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Yummy Tortilla Soup

Happy First Day of Autumn Guys & Gals!

Get those cozy hoodies out, grab a hot chocolate...and lets begin our count down to Halloween! 37 Days my friends...37! Lets talk about something else that we should totally have on those wonderful Autumn nights...

It's all about soup. 
I love soup! Super simple, hearty and delicious! Give me a bowl of soup...any soup and i will slurp it down...easy. 

A little Mexican flair for you today, well...what an English gal assumes is Mexican. Tortilla Soup. Creamy, beanie, tangy soup...with a crunchy cheesy top...heck. YES. Goodness i love this soup! 
This recipe makes quite a lot, so maybe have a soup party? Or store the left overs in the fridge for lunch the next day...and makes alot.

My boyfriend is wearing odd you KNOW today is going to be crazy! It's the kinda day where you know soup would just make it crazier...and a Cupcake...a crazy Cupcake! 

We challenged ourselves yesterday with our pizza dinner...i slept pretty good after that! So we need something that doesn't really need too much work for today. No need to be fancy every night! We aren't Bree from Desperate Housewives...that fiery fancy bitch. 

Ingredients for this super simple soup...

* 2 tbsp Butter
* 1 whole onion cut up into little chunks! 
* 1 tbsp garlic
* 2 tbsps flour 
* 3 cups Chicken/Vegetable stock
* 3 cups Fat Free Half & Half
* 2 tbsps Taco Seasoning
* 1 small jar Salsa (as hot as you like, i stuck to mild)
* 1 can Sweet Corn
* 1 can Creamed Sweet Corn
* 1 can Kidney Beans 
* 1 can Pinto Beans 
* 1 can Black Beans 
* 1 can Black Eyed Peas 
* 2 tsp Cumin 
* 2 tsp Cilantro
* Shredded Cheese 
* Tortilla Chips - Crushed up!

1. In a large cooking pot on a low/medium heat, add butter. Let it melt, then add onion and garlic. Cook until onions start to brown. 

2. Add the flour into the onion mix and stir! (This is to thicken the soup) cook for 1 minute then add stock and half & half. Heat until warm, don't let it bubble! 

3. Once the stock has heated, add the taco seasoning, salsa, cumin & all the cans of beans...YUM! 

4. Cook the soup on medium heat allow everything to heat up. About 5 - 10 mins...just keep an eye on it. Smellin' good huh! Add the cilantro. 

5. When soup is ready serve it up! Add the tortilla chips and cheese on top...enjoy! 

Urm...YUM! Soupy goodness right there! This is the family favorite over here...easy and tasty! What more could you want!? 

Mmmmhmmm soup! Check out my lunch...i just ate it...and i want more...Calm down me! Dinner is only a few hours away! 

Ok, well i must go...i have cleaning and laundry to do. Can't wait for my next blog...working on it now...spooky fun. 

Goodness...i like us. 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whole Wheat Pizza Dough

We are doing this! We are making pizza dough! I am hungry for pizza...homemade pizza...with whole wheat. 
Look how fancy we are! Check us out! Making pizza on a Thursday night! It's like we are in Italy! 

This is my first time doing this, so we are learning together. Just the way i like it. 
Pizza Dough Lessons. good are we! 

Come on...lets get on this pizza train...Hey! Don't look so scared! Yeast isn't too hard...and we can hold hands all through this progress. I believe in you. I got your back. 


* 1 1/2 cups warm water 
* 1 tsp sugar 
* 1 tbsp active dry yeast
* 1 tsp salt
* 1 tbsp olive oil
* 2 tsp Italian mix spice...optional. 
* 3 1/4 cups whole wheat flour

How you doing? Look how brave we are! Proud of you! to actually making it...*deep breath* 

1. In a large bowl, dissolve sugar in warm water. Sprinkle yeast over the top, and let stand for about 10 minutes, until foamy...don't be scared! 

2. Mix the olive oil and salt into the yeast mixture, then mix in half of the flour mixture. Make sure its all mixed together! 

3. Pour the rest of the flour on to a dry surface and add the wet mixture on of the dry flour...Knead that dough! Knead until all of the flour has been absorbed, and the ball of dough becomes smooth. Show it who's boss! 

4. Place dough in an oiled bowl, make sure both sides of the dough is covered with the oil...not too much though! Cover loosely with a tea towel, and let stand in a warm place until doubled in size, about 1 hour. PHEW! Have a sit Cops. 

5. When the dough has doubled, tip the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, and divide into 2 pieces for 2 thin crust, or leave whole to make one thick crust. Form into a tight ball. Let rise for about 45 minutes, until doubled. 

6. Preheat the oven to 425 f. Roll a ball of dough with a rolling pin until it will not stretch any further, then gently pull the edges outward, while rotating the dough. When the circle has reached the size you want, place on a  oiled pizza pan. Top pizza with your favorite toppings! I chose tomato sauce, cheese, garlic, and mushrooms. Yummers! 

7. Bake for 16 to 20 minutes, until the crust is crisp and golden at the edges, and cheese is melted on the top. eat that pizza! 

We did it! We can now say we have made pizza dough and it tasted like heaven! Delicious, cheesy heaven! Look at what we did! I MAY have left it in the oven for a little too long? Ah well! It was still good! 

This makes quite a big batch, too much for just one person...perfect for 2 - 4 people. I saved the rest of my dough in the freezer. Roll it in to a ball and put it in to a ziplock baggie! BOOM! Pizza for another night! 

Goodness...i am sleepy now! Lets make some easy peasy Tortilla Soup tomorrow. My fave soup! Lots of beans goodness! 

Peace, Love & Kara <3