Thursday, December 1, 2011

Air Popped Popcorn!

Hi there! 

I have been reading a WHOLE bunch of facts...mainly about Sodium...and how you shouldn't eat too much of it. I now understand why i feel so bloated after some meals! Ergh...Sodium...gettin' all up in my tummy! Now i am watching more carefully what we are eating and making fresh meals more often. We have a household ban on microwaved meals from now on. One of the worsted sodium filled meals...along with canned soups...Fresh is the way too go, and reduced sodium products. Such a preacher now a days. 

Another thing i found out, which i was quite disheartened about was microwave popcorn. 
It isn't as good for you as i thought. So much fat, sodium and sugar, damn. There goes my guiltless evening snack. Oh...But wait! On newest obsession, i found an amazing blog! A gal named Taralynn (Undressed Skeleton - Blog name - introduced me too air popped popcorn! Its so fun and way healthier the the microwaved kind! You know exactly what is in it too...which i like alot! Seriously, check out her blog. Her weight loss story is amazing and her recipes are wonderful! Taralynn's blog has inspired me. Everybody needs a little inspiration now and then in their lives...for real. 

So, popcorn. I LOVE it. Mmmhmmm. Popped goodness! 
I loved making this! Crazy easy, super quick, smells soooooo good, and you can make it ANY flavor you want! Sweet, savory, healthy, & of course...not so healthy...yum. So many flavors to try! But for my first time i stuck with simple...Kettle Corn Powder & Cinnamon! 

Get on this, get on this popcorn fun! 

1 - 1 tbsp Oil. Make sure it is hot enough by dropping a popcorn kernel in the pan. The oil will start to bubble.  

2 - Add 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels into the hot pan and place a lid on top...i used a clear lid so i could see the popping madness...way more fun then microwave rubbish!  

3 - When the popping slows down to several seconds between pops, remove pan from heat and pour into a bowl quickly!  

4 - Season your popcorn! Yeah! Anything you like! Be crazy! 

5 - Eat...and maybe share? Maybe. It makes enough for 2 people...or 1 hungry me.   

BOOM! Easy. Nailed it! Movie night anyone? 

What flavor would you do?? 
Lets be sharers! 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 


  1. Wow! I am trying this and reckon i will love it! Our microwave doesn't do the popcorn correctly and now that i read your post I think we should stay clear anyway. Thank you!

  2. I prefer to make my pop corn on the stove rather than using the microwave one. I didn't know microwave is not a healthy option and glad that you mention that!

  3. I love popcorn, but something lately I have not thought to do.
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  5. thanks for posting that! I love pop corn and I have never tried to make them this way, I'll def give it a go!

  6. Here's a joke I heard about popcorn:
    Who is the leader of the popcorn?
    The kernel.


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