Friday, November 11, 2011

Disney World..WOOO!

Why hello! 

I lost my blogging groove...i don't know whats up!?
But we can work through it...push through this dry spell!
I went to Disney World with my was amazing!! 


Hollywood Studios!

As soon as we got to our hotel, All Star Movies Resort, we jumped on the bus straight to Hollywood Studios! 


The 2nd day we went to Epcot! The Around the World Food and Wine festival was on whilst we were there...we ate ALOT of goodness...My Fella was pretty excited by the Korean and Japaneses food stalls! What a day!!

Trollin' in Norway


London! (all the other pictures were blurry *sad face*)

Korean wrap...not sure of the name...

Epcot Fireworks :D

The 3rd day...Halloween!! We went to The Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween, we were there for 12 hours...i defiantly got my fix. Best Halloween EVER.

Met Snow White...she liked my ears.

The bin in front of the people sitting down was rolling around and talking to everybody! It was also made me weary of the other bins...Too clever for my liking...way too clever.

So excited! They are making the Tangled Castle and a Beauty & The Beast restaurant! So much cool stuff...lets go there when it is done. A Disney Party. Lets do IT!  

The Haunted Mansion is my fave ride!

you touch the instruments and they will make noise! blow my mind.

Look how fun Disney Treats are!

My Halloween Mummy good!

Oh! Hey Mickey & Minnie...our new best friends...

Oh! And Donald & Daisy! 

At the Villian's parade! 

That's my scared face... 

Our last full day we went to Animal Kingdom during the day and Wilderness Lodge for dinner in the much fun! October is the time to go fo'sho! Not too hot or busy! I wish i lived there...FOREVER.

Goofy...such a gentleman. 

Instead of collecting autographs, we collected pictures! 


We went on a Safari! 

The 1st Disney Baby Elephant was over there...rolling around.  


Picture time!  

These bats were insane. Basically cats with wings. I had NO idea there were bats this big in the world. *shivers* No thank you.  

Mount Everest. Such a fun ride! 

Mickey Mouse ice cream anyone?

Animal Kingdom Tree of Life...over 320 animals are carved into the tree :) 

This is all on my check list for my house. It will all be mine. Yep. Everything. 

So pretty...On our way to Wilderness Lodge! (My Happy Place) 

As a child, my family and i would stay in this hotel every year. It reminds me of happy memories are here! I want to get married here one day! 

Me and my Sister would go to the Cub's Den and play! So fun! Argh! I want to be able to play in there still!? 

Then we flew back to Texas...i might have (defiantly) cried when we left. A small child looked at me strangely...he doesn't understand! So yeah, now it is back to normal life with no Mickey Mouse shaped waffles for breakfast. Sad. And not everyone will say hello to you in the street...unfriendly. 
Disney. I love you. Foreeeeever...*backs away slowly* Creepy. 

I suppose i should unpack my suitcase and man up. Lets bake soon. Yes. Lets do that. 

List of things to look forward too??

*Thanksgiving...An American Holiday i choose to fully it is basically an early Christmas dinner. 
* My Birthday...24 this year guys. That sounds strange. Not sure how i feel about it. I may just pretend to be 20 again. 
* Christmas! I figured out the decorating theme already...Nightmare Before Christmas...That was quite blatant though. You guys Read me like a book! 

That's all i am  going to list...nothing after December yet...this year has gone far, FAR too fast for my liking. 
Slow it down world! Relax! 

Pah...blogging block...take that! 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 


  1. do they still do the awesome pink lemonade in a pot? SO SO GOOD!

  2. looks like the bestest time everrrr sissy!! We will go soon...together...foreverrrrrr

    Loveyou xoxo

  3. Disney looks even more exciting than it did when I was 7!x

  4. Pretty in Pink - I have no idea! I didn't see! Gah...i LOVE pink lemonade!

    Faz - We will and we will stay there foreverrrrrr! <3

    Celia - It's still amazing! Go back! Do it! :D


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