Sunday, November 6, 2011

And....I'm Back :D

Goodness! It's been a while, but i am back :D 

I have been a busy much to catch up on! A Halloween Party, a Holiday and a Birthday! 
Geez! I have so much to show you guys! Where to start!?

How about HALLOWEEN!! 

Did you guys have a super Halloween? Partied it up? Ate lots of sweets? Dressed up all spooky? FUN!

As myself and my fella were going away to...DISNEY...for Halloween, we decided to get our party on a few days before with our wonderful friends. 

Halloween Party! 

Lets get on this! 

Jackie The Vampire and my face? That's my dead face. I assume dead Red Riding Hood makes that face. 

Tanner & Missy...she arrested him early that night. Wonderful. 

Lindsey & Randy... Audrey Hepburn & a fun :D Those guys! 

Chrissy was a cute little Disney Fairy!

Oh...Hey Ruffles...Ruffles was a Caterpillar. Too cute!  

Hey freaky! Jolanna was a Demon Hunter i believe...lots of blood and knives. 

Dana was a Zombie 50's housewife and Denton was Kermit the frog! Such a fun pair! 

My fella...was a man with a mustache...but he didn't wear he was just a man. Original. 

Wanna check out the foods? Sure you do!! 

We have a Chocolate Sheet Cake, with Whole Grain Cocoa Sugar Cookies for the Gravestones & Zombie! I will post the sheet cake recipe for you guys super soon! 

Someone stabbed my cupcakes! Oh no! I used the Halloween Cupcakes with the oreos. Wonderful fun! The little knives i found in Party City, and red food coloring for the blood.  

Spooky Bat & Cat Sugar Cookies! I used black food coloring, for the eyes i used red icing. I found the cookie cutters from Wal-Mart!  

Missy made these super yummy chocolate pretzels! All you need is Pretzels, Hershey Kisses and M&Ms! 
Put the kisses on top on the pretzels, place them into the heated oven until the kisses become soft. Take them out of the oven and place the M&Ms on top of the kisses and place into the fridge until cool! DONE!
So yummy!!! 

So yeah, that was our Halloween party...we ate pizza and watched Beetlejuice too...and SOMEONE (me) got super drunk...that happened. Yep. 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 


  1. love this!! everyone looked amazing and those cupcakes look like HEAVVENN!!
    proud'a you sissy!!

    Loveyou LoveFaye xoxo

  2. I love all your costumes, I wish we celebrated halloween a bit more in the UK, you look fab xx


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