Sunday, September 25, 2011


If you know me...then you are fully aware about my weight issues...

Hi, My name is Kara and I am a dietaholic. 

It's a thing...It is! I swear! Dieting is something i all the time. Most of the time i am very unsuccessful, sadly...sweet treats are my weakness. My will power isn't as strong as it used to be. Also i live in America now. America the land of fast food and fried everything. Nobody seems to walk to shops or anything here either...I blame the heat. 

That isn't an excuse though! No way! I am just too tempted by all of the treats. Damn you food. Gettin' all up in my grill. 

So here we are. In this awkward chunky, can't stop eating stage of my life...again. 
At 20 years old i lost 112 a year. Impressed? Yeah you should be! I know i was! I could see my ribs, my hip bones and this bone i didn't even know existed on my shoulder...i had bones...i wasn't made of Jabba the Hut. All jiggly and sweaty. I would dribble at times. Goodness i was obese. 

I got to a size 12 from a size 22. On New Years Eve 2009 i wore a size 10 skirt...i cried. I high fived my reflection in the mirror. I drank about 2 gallons of Snake bite to celebrate. That's how i do it! Such a party animal. 

Now a days...i lose a pound and i celebrate by eating 100 cupcakes and cookies. Go me...You lost a eat 10 pounds worth of food. That's the way to do it. I realize that isn't the way to do it. I know looking at me like that. Shut up! Since moving from England i have put on 60 pounds. That makes me die inside. 

I am here today to make a pledge to you...a pledge that will be like no other pledge you have EVER heard. Nah i kid! You thought it was going to be about world peace or something! No way man...that is the dream, but Pres Obama won't listen to me!

My pledge is start a fresh, a diet fresh...a clean slate. Yeah i know, you have heard this already. Again...with the eyes! Yesterday i hit a new low...Sugar was my best friend yesterday...and i ate my best friend...alot. So here we are...again...I have nothing but good support surrounding  me. I have Advocare...i have a gym and a wonderful little walking park crazy close to me! So whats my deal?
Well! I will tell you! Food is my deal! I eat when i am happy, when i am sad, when i am ill, when i am seems to find my mouth. Exercise is boring, i just hate the gym. I will go for 2 weeks...get bored and stop going.

You can't get skinny by sitting on your arse and eating whatever treats that take your fancy! I wish you could though...that would be the bomb. Amazing skinny bomb. 

So I AM going to do this. I am going to lose weight and i am going to be happy with myself. I need a game plan! 

* Advocare. Morning & Afternoons. 
* Workout!! 
* Take Ruffles Bug out for walkies in the morning or afternoon on college days. 
* Drink plenty and plenty of water! 
* Stick to the good foods...good as in healthy good. 
* Think positive thoughts! far so good! We got that game plan down! Good job. Now to actually do it! 

Shall we do some reason why i want to lose weight? I think its for the i can focus! FOCUS.

* Feel happier
* Feel healthier
* Wear nice clothes
* Feel more confident
* Be a better girlfriend to my fella...i am not fun when fat and unhappy. 

Goodness, look at us! We are so in charge...Now should we do pictures? Ok! 

Size 22 & weighing a big old 18 stone/252 pounds

Size 12 & pretty drunk. I had a lot to celebrate! 

Size 16 & 60 pounds overweight. Ergh. Good lord. 

 Ergh i hate myself for getting back to this. I am asking you for some help...hit my face if you see me with a cupcake. Smack my forehead if you see me sitting on the sofa for more the 1 hour. Hit me hard! 

I can do this for real. FOR REAL!!! 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 


  1. My Kara! I loves you! I am coming out of the woodwork to love on you and encourage you. You know I wholeheartedly believe in you. I KNOW you can do this. You are a powerful woman. Look what you have accomplished before. Don't let that food talk smack to you, you talk smack to that food. ;-) I'm with you all the way. I will help you stay away from the cupcakes, maybe for now we should find a substitute that you would like. I'm sure Chrissy can get you a vegan recipe that might satify the taste buds. I want you to achieve your goals. You are so worth it. You are such a gorgeous person inside and out. I've decided to take a break from Boxing. I would like to be free to do whatever workout I want whenever I want. This will free me up to go to the gym with you. I don't enjoy the gym either but if I'm there with you it gives me a greater purpose. I would love to go to the gym with you during the day when it doesn't interfere with college. So you just let me know what's good for you. You can DO this. I believe in you beautiful lady. This is not a struggle that needs to haunt you for the rest of your life. A mantra I had for a long time during my weight loss journey was, "I'm in control of my body, my body is NOT in control of me." Borrow it, use it, or we can come up with a new one for you. But it's true and it's good to repeat it to yourself over and over until you believe it. We are all much more capable of achieving our goals than we tend to think we are. Girl, the next 5k I do, I'm taking you with me. You will feel like a million bucks. We need to show you just how powerful you really are. I'm here for you beautiful friend. I love you to pieces.

  2. You are the most wonderful friend in the world. I couldn't ask for a better Missy. I love YOU to pieces! Thank you for being amazing and always being there for me <3 You are such an inspiration! Goodness i am one lucky lady to call you my friend <3

  3. I have every confidence in you my dear! How about when you have a good healthy week, you reward yourself with a couple new movies instead of sweets. Replace one meal a day with a smoothie. They are healthy and delicious and quite filling. The only diet I have seen work amazingly was one my aunt was on for a month, she lost thirty pounds on it!!!! Look into it, it works Anything you need my love I am there for you! I know I don't live so close anymore but I have complete faith in you and would be happy to go workout with you or help you make healthy choices the best I can. I love you and I think you are completely beautiful inside and out and I know you can get back to being the size that makes you happy and proud and as beautiful as we all already see you! Good luck Kara!!!!!!

  4. Ooooh I agree with the idea of finding new ways to reward yourself. Let's put on our thinking caps Miss Kara and find a motivating reward for you. Movies would be great, as long as they don't break the bank.


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