Sunday, September 18, 2011

Home is where my heart is!

Good Day To You! 

So...How are you? Good weekend?...Wonderful

Today we were celebrating a Birthday...Jolanna's Birthday in fact, she is 16 now! And driving soon...i will call you to let you know when she is on the road if you like? Nah! She is super good! Quite the little driver. Good stuff.

Whilst i had quiet time to myself...watching the Emmy's (which Modern Family kicked butt on!) surrounded by Halloween candles...because i have already decorated the Entertainment Room with Halloween goodies. No biggie. I like to celebrate for as long as i can. 

I started thinking about my wonderful home in that Place called England. Where i am from. All my family and friends are over there...across the pond...that is hundreds of miles wide and millions of feet deep. So not really a pond. I don't get that saying. It is clearly an ocean. A HUGE ocean! I assume full of sharks and man eating whales. Not a fan of the ocean. Nope. Seen Jaws? Yeah! Lessons we learnt from Jaws? Never go in the ocean...and ALWAYS have a bigger boat. 

Anyways, i am homesick. It's a thing. I get it often. It doesn't keep me from going to college or doing boring chores it is a terrible sickness. Just makes you sad. Homesad is what i am calling it from now on. 

I miss my family, wanna see them? I know i do! 

 This is my Mum!
 Isn't she well cute! Look at her! And look at all her cupcakes! Greedy. 
My Mummy is the most sweetest, kindest person i know. She doesn't take shit...but that's good. I can speak to her about all...boy stuff...body things...whatever else is bothering me. I consider myself very lucky to have a mum like this chick. I love her so much. I will never be able to thank her for all she has done for us, but i will try my hardest! I miss my Mum. 

Well Hello! Who is this handsome fella! 
Why it's my Daddy. I love this man more then life it's self. He has done so much for us over the years, sure we have had our ups and downs! But by golly i couldn't ask for a better Daddy. He is a trooper and so sweet...he swears like a sailor and calls my sister 'Fanny face' a standard loving name of course. What a fella! Always making us laugh. Great guy. Love of my life. The bestest Daddy you could ever wish for. Geeee whizz i miss him. 

Oh here she is! 
This is Faye, my sister and bestest friend in the world. Faye is the funniest person you will meet! She is short and amazing. Good things come in small packages don't you know! This gal is my rock. I can count on her always being there for me, she has seen me at my worst and still sticks by me. Damn...i fudging love her. She is a complete bitch sometimes, she needs her sleep. Don't piss her off. It's for the best. That's my awesome sister Faye...couldn't live without her. My Sister. Love you Always. 

So you have met my Mum, Dad & Sister, of course i have more! My family up north are wonderful treats. So sweet and loving. I have so so much fun visiting them. 
Then our family friends, that might as well be family! My Auntie Mary and family are the best. Grown up with them, love them like family! Couldn't get any better! 

Now to my friends. Those crazy people that i love oh so very much. Oh shit...might cry! It's cool...lets breath together. You good? Oh me too. Phew! Moving on...

Oh hey cutie! Check out this beaut! 
I got to spend the Summer with this chick and my Sissy! One of my fave Summers. She flew all the way out here for me even though she is terrified of planes. Kirstie is AMAZING.
Kirstie is also one of my oldest bestest friends, known her for like 13 years now? It's cool, she can tell you. I am terrible with numbers...i often forget my age. This gal is a super star. Wanna have a friend that tells you how it is, in a loving way and is always there for you no matter what? Get yourself a Kirstie! You can't have this one though. She is mine. I claimed her. Get your own! I love you Kirstie Kins. I will never be able to tell you how much you mean to me! Goodness i miss you, I miss you so so much. My Flower. 

Oh Hey Stacey! 
Meet Stacey and Beautiful Lola Blu. I have never met anyone like Stacey, we clicked straight was like magic, wonderful Tinkerbell like magic. She makes me laugh always, we can talk about anything and everything...which we do often. This girl means so much to me. Stuck by me even when i didn't deserve her too. She has a heart of gold and deserves so much happiness. We quote movie lines to each other, we could do that all day. We complain about boys and roast marshmellows in bed with candles whilst smoking out windows. We are quite the pair. She is my other half and always will be. 

What's up Gadders! 
Another one of my oldest lovely buddies! She is super fun, look at her! That's my fun gal! We basically lived together when i was residing in Heatherside. Such a place...where dreams come true! When i was sad and missing my boy...Sarah was there for me. No matter what, when i wouldn't leave my bed...she would crawl in with me and watch Plant Terror. That's our movie. Sarah would make CDs for me...'Reach for the starts' is our tune. Or 'Tribute'. Either one is fantastic. We dance and sing every word to each other. We are party animals together, best way to be. We have so much fun. I miss our old times. I love our memories, i will never forget them. Many more to be made. <3 

Goodness i love this couple.
This is Andrea & Adam. I went to school with Adam, but made proper friends with him after we left. He is the kindest, sweetest fella. One of my best friends. Andrea is such a wonderful lady, so sweet and funny. Another one of my best friends. Together they are perfect. They surprised me last year by turning up in was the best surprise i have ever had! I wanted to cry happy tears. Those are should embrace them. If you have a problem you can count on this lovely pair. But..i am not one for MINE! They are wonderful, by themselves and together. Such kind hearted people. Love them! 

Well hello Bunhead!
Check out this fine fella! This is Alec, ignore my face...i don't always look like that. Alec is wonderfully sweet and funny. Such a carer! He is like my brother, when i lived in England we were basically always together. He would always get me out of trouble...poor thing, he must have been tired as i often found trouble. Alec looked after me and always made sure everybody was ok and happy. Such an awesome guy! So sooo many funny stories! We kept each other busy and i miss him very much. Such an amazing friend. 

Oh Buckie! My Buckie! 
This picture makes me smile. He is super funny. He always makes me laugh! He has the best laugh ever. He says the funniest things and always seems high whilst drunk. Makes him even funnier. Thinking about Buck makes happy, i have so many funny memories with him! He is awesome. Buck loves my cats too...bonus. He skyped me a while ago and we spoke for ages, i love talking to him. Buckaroooo i loooove youuuu! 

Hiii Vero! 
This is my boys' best fella. Vero aka Rainbow is wonderful. He is super funny, and his voice will put you too sleep...not because he is boring...oh no...his voice i believe is made for radio. He should look in to that. Radio. Night time Radio. Think about it. He is super laid back, and makes you feel chilled too, Vero is always funny, one of my favorite things is when he and Buck sing together whilst a tad tipsy...we filmed it. It is great. What a guy! Again whilst my boy was away...Vero was there to make sure everything was ok. I am so pleased i know him. Too lucky with our friends!

Steve! My Puppy :D Excuse my face once again...drink will do that to you. So...don't drink. 
This is Steve! Steve is the sweetest, his heart is always in the right place. Always making time to talk to me on the facebook just to see how i am. Sweet man. He makes me smile and we always have something to talk about...Steve sometimes talks more then me...quite a skill! Goodness i miss him! 

I do have more wonderful friends, these are just the ones that put up with me most of the time. Apologies if i forgot to put anyone on is late...i can't get it.  Please don't think i don't love you! 
I miss all of my friends and family back in England. I am so lucky to know each and everyone of them. They have all been there for me through thick and thin. You all mean so much to me. I wish i could see you whenever we wanted...that would be would want to send me back to the States after a while ;P I am the luckiest to know you all. 

So yeah...i feel better...i put it all out there. Blogging is fun. I like it. 

Going to try and sleep...maybe. 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

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  1. the bit about me was the bestest...and it made me cry! love you, miss you, now i wanna KISS YOU! XOXOXO


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