Thursday, September 15, 2011

So girlish!

I have been sick since coming home from our little wonderful holiday...i am SUCH a baby when i am ill. I expect everyone to take care of me, brush my hair, bathe me, feed me, entertain me with a home made play. You know the usual stuff. 
So whilst laying on the sofa watching 'Millionaire Matchmaker' and 'Cops', i got to thinking about boys and gals and why i enjoy being a girl...not a boy. I don't know what being a boy feels like. I assume it feels manish...and hairy. Ergh. Boys. Goodness...the things boys do. Oh yeah! I went there! Some of my bestest friends are boys...i have a dad and a boyfriend...AND my child...Ruffles Bug is a little fella, but he can do know wrong (apart from peeing everywhere...and chewing my shoes and underwear. That's wrong) Heck yeah i love boys! BUT i would never want to be one. Ever. I love being a girl. 

Oh uh! I feel a list coming on! Do you feel it too? Do you have that list feeling? Here we gooo! Oh wait! We need a title...GOT ONE! 

Why I Love Being A Girl. 

1. Glitter. I fudging love glitter! I love it on my face, in my hair, on my nails, on my clothes and just every where! I found baking glitter...wonderful stuff. Edible glitter! Now my poop can me glitter too. Glittery poop. How good is that...BUT Boys...they complain 'ergh! Your glitter crap is on my face and it won't come off!' Well...lucky you for having such a cool glittery girlfriend! You should LOVE it! 

2. Shopping. Heck yeah i love shopping! I love looking at everything! I wanna buy everything! I make up lists in my head of everything i want to buy! The mall makes me happy, it has everything you need and things you didn't realize you needed until you just saw it. Clothes...i will buy the hell out of you! Sure i wanna try that shit on! I LOVE SHOPPING!...BUT to drag you out of shops because you are taking too long. They fuss and make annoyed noises. You keep those noises to your self! I don't make strange little noises when you are dry humping some shiny car you like! Shopping! It's great.

3. Gossip. I love a good gossip. Yes please tell me about that person you know but i don't. Tell me their secrets! I need to know. Tell me everything. You know something i don't? Lets change that...tell me. Gossiping happens. You tell me you hate lie! You love it! Girls do it all the time, don't pretend!...BUT Boys...look at us funny when we try to engage them in a good old gossip session. They love it like us...but they pretend they are better then that. LIARS! They love it...i know you are listening to me talking. You are taking it all in. Gossiper. 

4. Make Up. Goodness. Make. Up. Mmmmhmmm. It makes us feel better and of course look better. Make up is just amazing. Hey...lets go make up shopping! 2 birds, 1 stone...lets do this. Lets put make up on our faces, you can do mine! I can do yours! I like too share my make up, i like to show it off. My sister, Faye and best friend, Kirstie got me so many Benefit and Urban Decay treats. I am one lucky gal! I could have cried! Dam i love make up! BUT Boys...they watch you up on make up in ISN'T funny when you try and tickle us whilst we are in our make up process. You are distracting and now i will have to re do everything. Yes, i spent $20 on a single eye is glittery and don't look at me like that! 

5. Weddings. Geeeeeeee whizz do i love Weddings! I like to plan mine. I plan it and look at other peoples weddings! Weddings are amazing, they look so fun! I can't wait to get married...i have many ideas. My friends and i talk about Weddings...we plan them...we listen to each others ideas...we high five over Weddings. You can be in mine, if i can be in yours! Shall we share our Wedding secrets? Wanna watch 'Bridezillas' with me? Come on! Lets do this. BUT Boys...Look at us funny when we even mention bouquets! Calm yourself! Relax...i may be planning my future Wedding...i just like to be prepared and who says you are invited! Silly. 

6. Disney. Yes. Yes. YES! Disney. I could talk about Disney all day. I could sing you my fave songs. I could show you pictures. I could go on and on until you can't take anymore Disney.
This isn't really just a girl thing, my Dad loves Disney...he is well manish. He is like a bear. My Daddy Bear. He doesn't sing along to the songs though, i do...i sing loud. Why yes...i have Disney songs in my car...Of course i have NEARLY all the Disney movies...Sure i want to live in Disney World. I want to be Belle. 
So fellas...i DO get offended when you say 'Disney is for kids.' Hey...Boobs are basically for babies, but you still want to play with them So think about it. 

So yeah, that is just a few things i was thinking about. Of course there is a few things i do not enjoy...shaving, plucking my eyebrows, bloating, crazy mood mood swings are insane. My fella is pretty amazing for putting up with them. I am defiantly Jekyll and Hyde. I admit it. I really hate periods. HATE THEM. So gross. Not a fan. I am terrified of being grosses me out. I love babies...just not babies inside of me. I will handle it though when the times come. Handle it like a baby. Tears will be shed. And i will expect you to brush my hair and bathe me. 

This was kind of a ranting blog! Bad Karma. Lets have a happy blog tomorrow!

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

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  1. adorable! you crack me and Denton up!!! <3 <3 <3


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