Monday, September 26, 2011


(Do you remember when people used to say that all the time! And Scary Movie was like the funniest film EVER...then they over did it. Sad story) 

We are really doin' it guys! Today started of swell...apart from some people trying to ruin it...without even knowing it. People huh! 

Day 1 of operation 'Fresh Diet' is going swimmingly. 

Yeah i admit it...cookies are my main thought, but look at me ignoring those wonderful delicious little pieces of heaven...*cough* wow. Sorry about that. Goodness, but instead i am drinking my body weight in water sticking to 3 meals and day. Not one for 5-6 little meals a day...that makes me feel like i am eating too much and then i start to lack will power...i know me too well! 

So sticking to the 3 meal plan...with all the good foods that i have googled. Then i googled this pain i was having in my left boob...and it told me i had cancer and i cried. Google, why do you do this to me. Let's not dwell on my boob pain though...lets talk about something else. Please. 

Right now...RIGHT NOW i am watching Jeremy Kyle...If you aren't a jobless English person then you have no idea who i am chattin' about, you will soon though because guess what lucky America...Jeremy Kyle has a show over here now. (Just a side note, Jeremy Kyle is a terrible spokesperson for England. We don't all yell get a job and speak to you in a patronizing manner. AND we won't call you 'sweetheart') Geez. He is such a dick, but alas i can't stop watching him. It gives me a sense of home. A sense of home with an American sad is that! 

This has now got me to thinking about what else i miss from my homeland. What America just can't provide for me. I have told you about my Family & Friends...a nice bunch. Lets get to the things i miss now.

Boy oh you know what this calls for? Yep! You are right! A list! Gosh, you know me too well! *High five* 

* Rain - I miss rain...people in England will be like...'What?! You are a weirdo! Rain is shit.' I love the rain! Texas never has rain...maybe 3 times a year? I love being all snuggie inside...whilst wearing my snuggie...and drinking some hot coffee! So cozy! Rain, i miss you. Come to meeee!

* Pubs - English pubs are wonderful. America, god bless it does try...but it isn't the same. They don't have the same atmosphere. Sure they have the pervy old men, and the gals that want to show us they are girls by wearing the short skirts. Sure! I just miss being able to go to a pub with my friends and just sit and relax. Pub. I love you.

* Being able to walk EVERYWHERE - I miss this, you don't even need to drive in England. You can walk everywhere...or get a bus...or the train. I couldn't drive in England, manual just didn't like me. Round abouts were very scary to me...i would get confused and drive down the wrong road. I am such a hazard! Walking kept me fit, and i loved it! Texas...please make more pavements and cool down. Thanks. 

* Roast Dinners - Yesss! Roast Dinners. BOOM! Every Sunday my Daddy Bear makes us a roast dinner...Faye doesn't appreciate the meal. What's up with that!? Roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings, veggies, gravy, chicken, stuffing...*drool* My tummy made a bear like noise. Pretty intense. I wanna make my American friends a roast dinner every Sunday. They will love it. 

* Fish & Chips - Heck yeah more food! Fish and Chips are a perfect take away food. Amazing. wonderful. yummy. All fried and delicious. Kirstie and i would eat fish and chips whilst watching Come Dine With Me. Such a good night in! Drenched in salt and vinegar. Gahh...shut up tummy! Focus on eating yourself...!!

* Little Cars - This is an odd one. But yes, i miss small cars. Cars over here are huge. You need a ladder to climb into some of them. The road shakes as the massive truck with the long horns or deer head mounted on the back zooms past. Not a fan...but then not a fan of the smart cars either. Nothing will please me! I miss Ford KAs. I do...that is strange of me. 

* English TV - Eastenders, Corrie, Come Dine With Me, there is more but i can not for the life of me think of them. TV in America is pretty amazing, maybe even better then English TV...but i need my soaps and defiantly Come Dine With Me. I do...i neeeeed them, but i live without them. Thank goodness for the interweb hey! 

* History - I miss the history of the buildings and towns. I never really thought about it before, but i do miss it. It is super duper lovely here! I love it, for real! Everything is only a few years old...Towns, shops, apartments and houses keep popping up...all beautiful and fresh. There is no character yet though. It hasn't been lived in. This is another thing my American friends would love to see, all the old churches and castles! They really are amazing. 

I feel like i am ranting about America...i fudging LOVE it here. I love everything about Texas. The heat i could do gets hot hot hot! I happily call it home though, but England will always be my number 1. 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

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