Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Crazy Because...

Lets talks. I want to share my craziness with you. 

Lets talk about our craziness and why it makes us who we are. 
Show of hands of who have little quirks that you cant help but do!...That should be all of you. 

We are a strange bunch. 

What things interest you that you are ashamed to share because...people judge. I am not talking serious things...that wouldn't be fun. It would make me feel awkward as well. I wouldn't know what to say...then i would have to avoid you, lets keep it light. Like a marshmellow. YUM! 

(i am also just doing this blog so i can distract myself from eating...i am super hungry today! So if food pops up in here a few times...you know why. I am just a hungry, hungry hippo) 

So here we are. Ready to share like some sort of sharing fiends. It's ok to be scared. Embrace it. You are so brave! Look at you! 

Shall i go first? Ok...

I'm Crazy Because...

* I will make up songs. I will sing to the ones i love, I make up songs for them. I make up songs whilst on the toilet. Anything to make that personal...rather boring time more fun. Don't be alarmed if you hear an angel like singing voice from a bathroom somewhere...it's just me. 

* I hoard food...yep. I do that. I won't eat it...heavens no! I am just prepared. So if you ever live with me...and see me carrying random foods into my room and hiding them...just know i care. I care about you. 

* I will have staring competition with cats i see in the street. They need to know who is boss! Plus...i like to have staring competitions. 

* My dog is my child. That is how i feel. That is how i will act. I will show you pictures of him...i will tell you stories...and i will take him everywhere i can. We have a bond. Don't judge. 

* I make up stories in my head and make myself laugh. Standard.

* I will imagine you falling downstairs or falling over...not getting hurt of course...and i will laugh. I am sorry. I don't want to hurt you...but those are two of the funniest things ever...it ISN'T funny when i do either one though. So don't laugh. 

* I will dance whilst alone. I am such a good dancer. Believe. You won't ever see it though...so just take me word for it. An example you say? Think JLO...yeah. That good. 

* Oh! And I will also dance whilst driving. If you have witnessed it, then you know the statement i just made is true. Driving can be boring...why not make it spicy?

* I will carry my boyfriends airsoft gun around my room...and feel badass. I might pose with it or pretend i am in a movie. Imagination is a wonderful thing. 

* I will check behind my shower curtain for monsters or killers. 1. i don't want to be killed on the toilet. And 2. I don't want them to hear me on the toilet. 

* I make up insulting names and call you them lovingly. 'Vagina head' 'Dick nose'....these names are how i express my love to you. I love you, shitball face. I truly do. 

So there we have it, 11 things i do that make me feel crazy. We can go into our bizarre interests another day. I don't want to overload you. 

Now you! 

Peace, Love & Kara <3  

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  1. I pictured you doing all of these things as I read them! You are simply adorable! I love it and miss you muches! xoxo


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