Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Dreams

Sure i have dreams!
Dream of what i want to be when i grow up, dreams of my wedding and children, dreams of my wonderful future house and all the pets i will have that will fill it with...not in a hoarding way, that's crazy. In a fun, 'oh hey! There's Kara...she has the cutest pets! It's like a mini zoo!' That's not hoarding...that is love.
So whilst i sit here, waiting for the handy man to come over and fix the kitchen sink...i day dream of the future...join me in this day dream. It is magical. Care to day dream with me? It's cool, you don't have to tell me what you are thinking about...to each their own or however that saying goes. You know what i mean! 

This calls for a list, do you like lists? Sure you do! Everybody loves lists! Here are a few of my dreams (just a few...i have many!);

* Have a job as a kindergarten teacher and own a dog shelter 

* One day owning my own Bakery 

* Owning our own house. Something cosy, something that is ours and i can decorate any way we like (A Disney theme clearly) 

* Get Married in Disney World's Wilderness Lodge on Halloween. A small wedding with a few family & friends, then have a big party in England...globe setters.

* Own 2 Persian cats called Marie & Gizmo

* Own a Newfoundland called Koda

* Own a British Bulldog called Turkish

* Own a Miniature Pig called Wiggly 

* Having 3-4 children...i want a busy house. Call me crazy, i might change my mind. 

* Living close to my family and friends, so i can see them when ever i want! 

* Traveling. I would love to go to Thailand & many more places! 

Of course there are the dreams that i win the lottery and buy everything and anything for myself, family and friends. That would be super cool...ah dreaming! 

This Saturday myself and my wonderful Jesse will be going on a little weekend getaway to LA. I can't even tell you how excited we are! I will be taking too many pictures and eating too much goodies no doubt, but i will be thinking of you guys! Looking forward to showing you everything, it will be like a group holiday! I am excited! LA! Woooo! Yeah. 

Have fun day dreaming x

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

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