Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Simple Chicken Curry

Oh...Hi Guys! 

My day today was pretty standard...woke up, took Jolanna to school, got my branflakes ooon, Got a Starbucks, College, came home to cook and spoke to Faye! 

Well...that's Skype...Faye was on Skype. 
Now i am trying to watch Glee. I am sorry...i don't get it. Changing the channel...

Lets get back to the cooking part...
I have a new best friend. I reckon it's going to be a life long friendship. I might make friendship bracelets for us. That would be fun, another blog idea...Friendship Bracelets! Lets do those another time...for now, me and my new best friend made dinner. 

Wanna meet my new friend...

Hey there New Best Friend that i have named Sebastian. Welcome to my life Sebastian. Thanks for making life more easy. You are wonderful...what have you cooked for us today? 

Chicken Curry...how sweet of you! 

I am an English gal so i was born with a love for curries. In America their Friday Night treat eats are pizza and chicken wings...in England our Friday Night take out is a good old curry...or fish and chips. But we made curry...so yeah. It isn't Friday either...it's Tuesday...Breaking all the rules today!

This is the easiest curry in the world. It tastes super good too! All you need is;

* 4 chicken thighs 
* Veg...i chose mushrooms. You can add more!
* 2 Cans of petite diced tomatoes 
* 2 cups of Chicken Stock
* 1 tbsp cumin
* 2 tbsp curry powder 
* 1 tbsp turmeric  
* 1 tbsp coriander
* Salt & Pepper 
* 1 - 2 tbsps Red Pepper Flakes...if you are feeling hot! I wasn't. 

Yum! Damn i love curry! I LOVE IT! 

Lets go through the steps...we can go through them together, like a team! A cookin' team! Lets wear matching aprons! 

1. Pour the tomatoes and chicken stock in to your slow cooker.

2. Add Chicken and Veg. 

3. Add spices...stir, stir away! get those thighs covered! 

4. Cook on low for 8 hours or high for 4-6 hours. 

5. Serve with rice and naan bread. Eat up...send me a thank you card. 

This serves 4 people...you can make it for more people though just add more of everything, Have a party! 

Yes...it is that easy! Of course Sebastian did most of the work! Such a cook.

 Shall we hug? Lets hug for curry. I just felt the love. Chicken Curry Love. 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

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