Monday, September 5, 2011

Halloween...too soon??

Oh! Hi! 

Today has been terrible, a terrible, terrible day. I am looking at everything with my glass half's been one of those days. Nothing tragic happened...and i am still alive and well. So i should be happy! But i can't wait to sleep this day away. of those days! 

So whilst my boyfriend was changing our car battery...that died...for no it does...standard. At the good ol' car shop, where the creepy yet helpful cheery man touched my shoulder a few more time then i liked. I thought about my blog, what i would like to bake for you and tell you! I have so much to say! I am rambling, do tell me if i ramble...rambling runs in the family. Like diabetes...but more fun. (too much??) As i Skyped with my sister, Faye, the love of my life & my best friend. Faye is 3 years younger then me. You would think i was the younger one as Faye matured quite a bit faster then me. She is my truth teller. She won't take my bullshit and tells me how it is. I need that. It helps me to grow. See...rambling!

So Faye and i talk about pretty much everything. For example...we planned our Weddings yesterday. We aren't engaged, we just like to plan ahead (and we are girls!)...this is my point i was trying to get to...Halloween! We were speaking about Halloween. I am a planner. I plan things WELL in advance, Halloween, Christmas, Birthdays and holidays. I gets on to the lists! 

Halloween has always been my favorite sweet filled holiday! My Mum is a big Halloween fan too, she decorates the house and puts on one of those spooky soundtrack CD's so the trick or treaters are all spooked out, she is the cutest! I get my love for Halloween from her! Another reason we are all about the Halloween is because of our yearly holidays to Florida/Disney World that my Dad would take us on every October..we were some lucky bitches. We would trick or treat around Sea World with our little goodie bag that they gave us at the doors. It was so fun, our Dad would make us go to the same tables over and over again so he could steal candy. The swine. We don't share trick or treat candy! He is bigger then us though, so we happily shared...kind of.

See with Halloween you can do so much! Dress up, have parties and one of my faves...bake! I likes to get my bake on! Any occasion will do! One of my wonderful Christmas presents from Faye was an amazing book!  

See it...right there! Check out that beast of a book! Look at it! I will go in to my depth about this bad boy when i start cooking from it! I have been waiting for Halloween to crack on to this awesome cookbook! I will show you some of my faves and some that will just plain creep you out. 
Judging by the pictures in here, i will be biting off more then i can chew, i am NOT creative in the slightest. I can make cookies and soups, but this will be a whole other ball game. Stick by me though, we can do this together. I can feel it...i can feel the cupcake love.

I will be blogging about a cooking/baking day i had with 2 of my very good friends on here tomorrow. We had a blast and ate. It was a good day, one of many to come!

Ah. I feel better. Thanks for listening to me ramble on. Its been swell.

Peace, Love & Kara <3

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