Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Patty Cakes

I Love Cupcakes, could you tell? I love to bake them, eat them, look at them...yeah. I like 'em! 

Wanna meet my favorite Cupcake bakery? Sure you do! 
This is Patty Cakes. 

Patty Cakes is in Old Town Grapevine, Texas, a wonderful little town. Lots of shopping, places to eat, a farmers market every Thursday, Friday & Saturday through the Summer months and Festivals! A very fun place, especially on Christmas. Lots of lights and decorations. The perfect place to make you feel very festive! 

Patty Cakes is situated on Main Street, it's hard too miss with the signs and Cupcake paintings on the large front window. 

(picture by Patty Cakes) 

This super cozy bakery has lots of pictures and paintings on the walls, very colorful and unique. It has a very friendly atmosphere were you feel welcome as soon as you step inside and greeted by Kevin or Patty, Patty Cakes owners. 

Patty and Kevin are very friendly and always make time to say hello and have a quick chat, always nice as i love talking! 

This is Kevin, always a friendly face behind the cupcake counter. He remembers our fave cupcakes (probably because we always get the same thing!) Always making time to catch up and patiently waits for us to make  up our minds if we want cookies and cakeballs too! Such decisions! All so yummy! 

Look at all that cupcake goodness! Check them out! My mouth is watering! 

On the right is the Cupcake Of The Week, Chocolate Almond. Yum! Patty does a Cupcake of The Week every week. One of my faves was the Chocolate and Peanut Butter one...so good!

Goodness! Lemon Bars, Fudge, Cookies & Cakeballs oh my!

Personally my fave Cakeball is the Red Velvet with Milk Chocolate. So good! I would recommend the cakeballs, try all the flavors!  See which one is best for you! So sweet, moist and delicious. 

I have never tried the fudge or lemon bars...shame on me! This will change very soon i swear it! But the cookies...i have tried! 
So very good! The chocolate chip cookie is wonderfully chocolatey, just the way i like my cookies! They Nutty Chipper is awesome! And the Sugar Cookies are the best Sugar Cookies i have ever tried. If you are more of a cookie person get on these! Do it! 

Back to the Cupcakes! As i am trying to watch what i eat...which proves to be very hard when you have a place like this near by! I am only allowing myself 1 cupcake a week...unless it is like my birthday...or halloween...or any special occasion...then it's a cupcake buffet. Yep. It's the right thing to do. 

So this time Jolanna, my little lady bought myself and Jesse a cupcake each. What a gal! I chose the Tuxedo Cupcake. 

Heck yeah! There. It. IS. A sweet, moist chocolate cupcake with a yummy creamy frosting! Those little chocolate balls are the bees knees...i pick them off and eat them...it's like a 2 for 1...sweet crunchy chocolate treats on top and then the yummy  cupcake! That's how i do it...you do what you like! 

Jesse is a Red Velvet fan. No joke, it is the yummiest Red Velvet Cupcake! 

Look at it! Take it all in...look at the frosting! So fun! These cupcakes don't last long in our house that is for sure. This cupcake is too good, sweet and tastes so homemade, made with love i reckon. Red Velvet goodness right there. Try it! 

I have never been disappointed in Patty Cakes. Everything has always been lovely here. The busier they get the better...it means they make more cupcakes...which means i stay happy ;D 

The actual kitchen isn't in the same building where they sell the cupcakes yet, but i assure you everything is all freshly homemade in a cottage a block or so away. Patty is back and fourth with fresh goodies when they start to run out! 

So stop by this little treasure and enjoy the wonderful sweet treats! Get a coffee and sit by the window, people watching is always fun! 


Peace, Love & Kara <3 

Patty Cakes Website - http://www.chefpattycakes.com/

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