Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Anxiety. We all have it, it is just there. I personally hate anxiety is a drama queen. 
It's one of those things we have to live with and deal with. 
Flying, speaking in public, driving lessons, etc...oh hey anxiety! Thanks for making this experience even more difficult! 

Have you ever had an anxiety attack? If you are saying...'I'm am not sure? Maybe?'...then you haven't had one. You will know if you had rocks your world. Oh! We are getting personally now! I have had an anxiety's a funny story now and we laugh about it, only because i made my boyfriend drive me to the emergency room because i believed i was dying...not an over the top reaction at all! They had to sedate me...and i drifted off whilst watching 'The Little Mermaid'. anxiety is a complete drama queen!

After that whole new experience i would worry about having another one, so i have been looking and testing out new and fun ways to calm the anxiety down that brews inside of me. I thought it might be helpful to share what has worked for me! Sharing is nice. 

So you may laugh at me, it's cool! We are friends here. 

1st tip... Coloring! 

 My wonderful Aunty Mary shared this tip with me and i honesty didn't think it would work for i am coloring's biggest fan! This is my little collection...Disney of course! It is helpful to concentrate on something other then the mean ol' anxiety! Try it...i won't laugh...we can swap pictures when we are done!

2nd tip... A bubble bath! 

Nothing is more relaxing then a bubble bath with candles! I bring my laptop in the bathroom with me so i can watch movies...and i bring chocolate yeah. Try that one! Just don't drop your laptop in the bath. That wouldn't be relaxing. Or your chocolate. No one likes watery chocolate. So wash away those feelings! 

3rd tip...Watch your favorite movie!

Here is a few easy going movies that i would watch...funny and some of them have songs so i can sing along!
Get on that movie train! Pick out a 1 or 2 movies that chill you out! Do it! Laugh away those negative feelings! Relax! 

4th tip...Baking. 

Yep...baking. I bake away my blues! Silly can't stop me baking up a storm! I find baking relaxing. Focusing on something you enjoy helps a whole bunch. Yours doesn't have to be baking...but if it is, send some my way! You do what you enjoy! You like drawing? Draw! How about playing games? Play away! Baking helps me, but it might not work for you. Find what you enjoy and do it! 

5th tip...Talk it out! 

I am a talker, could you tell? I don't hide my feelings very well. It's a curse. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Find a friend or a family member you can trust and let it all out. We all need a talkin' to sometimes...wanna cry? Do it! I love a good cry! Anxiety can make you crazy! Let out those feelings! If you aren't a talker, how about writing down how you feel? A journal! Keep that journal close by. Maybe you will look back at it and see that what you were worried about wasn't so bad :) 

That is a handful of tips that help me when i feel anxious. Do you have any tips? 

I found a pretty neatos site that has a whole bunch more helpful ways to ease your stress, see if they work for you. Not saying you are a stresshead or anything! Goodness no! But if you are like me and need to relax, check it out! It could come in handy - 

I will be making dinner and cookies for you's going to get yummy in here!

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

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