Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bo Bella

Hello Again. 

I fell out of love with happens to the best of us. 
New years resolutions were made and one of them was to blog made me feel creative. So back on that train we call blogging.

So far 2012 has been challenging. The bad kind of challenging, but not everything in life is ment to be easy. 

In March i am moving back to England. I miss my family & friends. America has been good to me, i have loved it and made some wonderful friends that i will keep in touch with forever...unlucky for them. 
It is time for a new beginning and new adventures, 2012 is going to be exciting! 

Sadly, my dog Bo passed away 2 weeks ago. My heart hurts. Bo Bella was my little man and i will always regret not being able to say goodbye to him. At the moment it feels unreal, but when i go back to my Dad's it is going to hit me hard not seeing his happy little self excited to see me. My sister, Faye, was a trooper and dealt with everything like a proper grown up. She is a brave one. I am so proud of her. 
I love you so much my Bo, and i miss you millions <3 

So as i said before...not a good start. 
Not to jinx anything, but fingers crossed the year is going to get better. 

Shall we bake some peanut butter cookies tomorrow? Lighten the mood with some sweets? Good plan. 

See you tomorrow! 

Peace, Love & Kara <3