Friday, September 16, 2011

Childhood Memories!

I love childhood memories!  I love reminiscing about when we were younger, when we had no cares in the world. Apart from who will play barbies with us. 

I want to share some of my favorite memories with you, so we can laugh together, maybe cry a little and defiantly smile with each other. I am in such a sharing mood! 

My Cousin, Andrew & Me <3
* My very first memory for me was when i decided that i wanted to make orange juice for my Daddy. I remember standing on a chair so i could reach the table with a big glass and a pile of oranges. Making fresh orange juice...want a chick! It was a mess and i couldn't squeeze the oranges because they were so tough! But it is the thought that counts. My Dad loved it! 

* When i was like 4 years old, my family went on holiday to Madeira. One of the ladies who worked at the hotel was kinda in love with me...we hid under the table and ate pringles. She was such a cool grown up. I danced for old people on that holiday too. I was such a charmer. 

* One of my 1st days at school myself and some of my friends were playing Peter Pan on the big new climbing was made from wood and it was amazing. I was Tinkerbell...then some bitch came along and told everyone she was Tinkerbell. My 1st enemy. 

* We went to Disney World a whoooole bunch...i remember when my Dad's parents, My Nana and Uncle Matt all went together...My uncle Matt called me over to a Goofy statue. The statue was made from white stone and had white stones underneath it. So my uncle thought it would be funny to put the stones in Goofy's mouth...and then pretend to punch him...then flick the stones out of Goofy's mouth and pretend the stones were Goofy's teeth. I was horrified. Standard Harris Family. 

* My sister and i had quite the imagination. We would play Deers in our garden...crawling around on our hands and knees and doing Deer things. Not quite sure what Deers did, so we really had to think hard. So my sister...she accidently put her hand in our dogs poop. It was gross...she cried so hard. So funny!

*Barbies were a big thing for us, we would play with Barbies all the time. I would make houses for them and it would be amazing. I had a friend that i would play Barbies with, i was so jealous of her barbie collection! One time we took our Barbies outside and climbed up a tree...but i got stuck. And her Mum had to get a ladder to get me down. I thought i was going to have to live up there. I could have died. 

* Every Christmas whilst in Middle School, our school had a tradition of decorating Christmas Cakes...we had all day to decorate! It was the funniest day in the world! I am not very mine would always be a mess. An artistic mess clearly. 

* I hated school! Any way i could get out of going to school i would use it! If our school bus was like 10 minuets late...that would be a clear sign that i was ment to stay home that day. So this one time the bus was super late! Myself, sister and a few friends started walking away from the bus stop back to our houses...BUT the school bus turned up at the bus stop just as we got half way down the road. The bus drive saw us...reversed the bus (whilst FULL of kids) and chased us down the road...we ran so fast! It was maybe the most scariest experience we had been through at that time...the bus driver was crazy. I still got out of school though. No school for me!

* I used to play badminton every Sunday. There was this gal that i made friends with...she was pretty cool. One day she told me some scary stories. She wasn't cool anymore...i cried and slept in my sister's bed for about 3 months. China Dolls still creep me out. Learn from this...don't be brave...China Dolls will get you. 

* My imagination was very VERY vivid as a youngster. I heard a noise...i would assume it was a monster. A monster that loved too eat kids. Kids with a lot of meat on their bones...Kids like me. So i wasn't allowed to watch scary movies, which is fair i would not sleep and constantly cry. So i would go to sleepovers and sit in a room by myself whilst everyone else watched scary movies. It was a lonely time. Scary films are my fave now...funny how things change! I just think i am super brave now a days! 

* My Mum & Dad got us a Wendy House (a little play shed in the garden) We would play in there all the time! It was the best! We would play Mummy's & Daddy's, or Shops! We had teeny chairs and a table, it was our little house! My fave times would be when we sat in there whilst it was rainy outside. We had our little snacks, it would be so cozy! Spiders would sometimes ruin our fun, but our brave Mum would come and get them for us. If we were lucky me and my sister could eat our dinner in there! I miss that house. 

That is just a flavor of my childhood...a lot of fun! My sister and i would play all the time! Making up games with our neighbors, i was quite bossy as a child...i would make everyone play the games i wanted and post treasure maps through their doors...they must have found me well annoying! 

I fully enjoyed being a kid, and still want to be one. But sadly we grow up...kind of. I would still play with Barbies, but people would think i was special if i did. I would defiantly still play hide and seek in the woods and dress up in fancy dress so i could put a show on for you. Maybe dance for you? Yeah i would do that. 

Now i want to go through photo albums and watch home movies!  

Peace, Love & Kara <3 

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