Sunday, October 9, 2011

LA Baby!

So...We went to LA. Yep. We did. And...We LOVED it!

If you have ever considered going there and thought...'Nah, it's too far away & too pricey for me.' 
Then by George, SAVE! Save your little heart out because i assure you it is FULLY worth it.
I could defiantly be a travel sales lady. I would wear a Hawaiian shirt all the time...with jeans. Keepin' it causal just like a travel sales lady should. 

Anyways! Myself and my fella took a weekend trip over to Hollywoodland, it went far too quick but we packed a whole bunch of stuff in! 

We arrived in LAX on Saturday afternoon around 3pm. Got our rental car, i asked for a Ferrari...the rental man laughed. I was well serious. We got our car and then went to find our hotel...which was a 5 minuet walk from the Hollywood Walk Of Fame! Handy! As everywhere you go costs like $1000000 for parking. The standard parking price. We didn't do anything that night...apart from watching Cops with a large pizza. Sometimes i reckon we are fair too exciting for our own good. 

The next day we went exploring! I love a good old explore! Ask my friends...they know it! I find places because i often get lost. It happens, i call it an boyfriend calls it a waste of gas. Whatevs. Luckily though my Boy was driving. I was holding the GPS...the modern day map reader, but i don't have to say anything.

We went to the Hollywood Hills to check out all the HUGE houses and look for famous people, but alas did not find any. The views were amazing though. Pictures don't do them justice. Such a peaceful place on the mountain tops! Goodness, i miss it!

Afterwards we drove to Bel-Air! You know...where the Fresh Prince lives? After he got in one little fight and his mum got scared? Yeah you know! Bet that song is stuck in your head now. You are welcome. That was awesome, again...loved it!

Then off to Venice Beach! (told you we were busy bees!)

The people on the walkways selling their art and jewelry were very cool, we bought 2 paintings off a friendly fella which are hanging in my bedroom now! Such a nice memory! I wanted to go into a Freak Show...but i admit i was scared...its fun to see freaky stuff on TV...but in real life...that freaky stuff could touch you or smell funny. Not into it. Nope.

The beach was beautiful! It was perfect, so pretty! Goodness! I miss it...sand is so fun! I LOVE SAND! The sea was super cold, but i took it like a man...and put my feet in. I am not crazy...sharks are in the no thanks. My boy wouldn't play in the sea with me at this was too busy for him to look silly i reckon.

After Venice Beach we drove to Rodeo Drive!! Pretty Women! I did look for her, but she is off somewhere with Richard Gere having the time of their lives. So we found cupcakes instead...Yeah we did! I have like a Cupcake Radar on my head. I sense them. Crumbs Bake Shop. I have wanted to go here for quite some time, but alas we do not have such a place here in Texas. The cupcakes are like a meal, Dinner...which is true as we did in fact have them for Dinner. HUGE Cupcakes! 

Look at them! Amazing! I am now annoyed at myself for not trying more adventures cupcakes...the Elvis one would have been amazin' i can tell...LOOK AT IT! So many wonderful delightful cupcakes! I wanted to take them all...but 3 was by far enough! 

We took a Milk Chocolate (at the top right)...a Galaxy Chocolate (bottom left) and a Red Velvet (bottom right) Not very adventures, i know. It was a spur of the moment thing...i had to rush! Parking was a bitch. That's my excuse. These cupcakes were perfect! Not too much frosting at all and super filling! The Milk chocolate cupcake was wonderful, a vanilla sponge cake topped with a lovely milk chocolate frosting. You could have sprinkles on the frosting or just plain. I am NOT a fan of sprinkles so i stuck to plan. This one was mine! The Red velvet was my fella's as he is a huge fan of Red Velvet cupcakes. This one was awesome, super moist and crazy yummy! The frosting had white sprinkles around the sides and red velvet crumbles on top. So good! The Galaxy chocolate cupcake was mind blowing...we ate it at the airport. More me...well actually just me. A chocolate sponge with caramel inside! Then a chocolate and caramel frosting. BOOM. i eated it and i loved it. Delicious. I wish we had a crumbs over here! I would be there everyday...just to hang out. The lady at the counted was super helpful and answered all my questions...i had quite a few. Lovely lady! 

After Rodeo Drive we headed back to the hotel to decide what we want to do next. I wish we hadn't as...we got corned by a homeless fella...that wasn't wearing any pants. I saw everything and i am still quite disturbed about it. My friends Chrissy and Missy loved it though when i told them. We still do impressions of him. It's good for a laugh. Only in LA hey! 
As we were so close to the Hollywood Walk of fame, we decided to walk over there and explore some more. Also find some lunch. We like our food. 

As soon as we got to the Walk of Fame...Darth Vader approached my boy...for a fight! It was intense and my boy won...*high five* So much fun! All the acts on the side walk were all super fun and friendly! They kept us entertained! And i found some old friends...

We hung out for a while...i won't lie...the Chucky person did actually frighten me. She gave me a doll to hold and then they all put their knives on me...i wasn't was so was super fun! 

We really enjoyed walking around here and finding all the famous people we knew on the stars! The Chinese Theater was very busy, but i am so happy i got to actually go there! So fancy! 

 The stars went on for blocks and blocks! My fella wanted to see ALL of we were walking for quite some time! It was a culture shock seeing all the different shops, we don't have Medical Marijuana or sex stores everywhere here in Texas like they do there! Cities are crazy places huh! We eventually found a restaurant that we both agreed on...then went back to the hotel to get our car! 

In the evening we went to see the Hollywood sign! This was one of my favorite parts of the holiday! You see the Hollywood sign on TV and Movies often but to actually see it in person is pretty cool. We got pretty close to it and watched the sun set. How romantic of us! 

Just amazing! I now can cross that off my bucket list! Such a wonderful day full of awesome things! We slept VERY well that night! 

The next day we were kind of clueless what to do as we had squeezed everything in the day before. So we decided to go and check out Malibu Beach, which i am VERY happy we did! It was perfect! 

We only went on the out skirts of Malibu as we only had a few hours until our flight, but we made the most of it! We used our fave app Urban Spoon to find a good seafood place by the sea...and we did!

The view from our table. 

Check out the yummiest Fish & Chips in America! So fresh! So good! We loved it! Well done. Well done Malibu Seafood. Good job! After lunch we went to play on the beach! And we saw dolphins and a seal! Argh! I screamed and jumped around like some sort of excited weirdo. The seal was checking out my fella...just seeing what he was doing! 

I was super annoyed when i looked back at my photos and missed the little seal! I tried though...that's what counts right! We collected stones from the beach for keep sake and left feeling super happy. This was by far one of my favorite grown up holidays. We had so much fun and saw so much! We have very fond memories of our LA holiday! 

In 20 day...Yeah...keeping count! We are off to Disney World for 4 days. Halloween will be the best! I will be taking plenty of pictures...just so i can show you!!!

Sorry this took so long...i forgot that i hadn't finished it! Tut tut :/

Peace, Love & Kara <3  


  1. I find it adorable that the section with the most pictures is the bakery. love you and love that you enjoyed your trip!!!!

  2. im i would have brawled with that chucky guy, just to try and confront my childhood fears... hahaha

  3. Dana - Crumbs! I wanted to take more pictures and buy all the cupcakes! lol :D

    Tony - I don't blame you...this Chucky seemed more scary then the real one?! lol

  4. I wanna go to LA too! :)


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