Monday, October 17, 2011


This weekend has been a sugarfest. It got messy, sticky and we got kind of sickie. I still loved it though! Birthdays are ment to be filled with sugary treats! Now though...i am feeling it. 
'What happened to your diet?' i hear you say...well we were on a break (like Ross and Rachel). We fell out for a few days. It happens, but we have made up now. Good friends...planning our meals and sticking to it! Alas...the gym and i still are not that friendly. I tolerate it.  

Starting today till next Monday...NO BAKING. 
That's ONE whole week. Ouch. 

It's going to be tough...i have so many things i want to make for you! 
But i have to think of my waist line...the more i bake, the more i eat, the more i grow...width wise. 

It's ok though...i am detoxing from sugar this week...then next week we will get our Halloween bake on! 
Until's back to my ONE cupcake. Ergh. 
I have a review coming up this week for you though!

The Flour Shop. 

An awesome little bakery 2 minutes away from my house! I can't wait to show you! I can't wait for a cupcake. 
Just ONE! I will bring my fella or one of my lady friends to try them too. So look forward to that. 

Just because i am not baking doesn't mean we can't have fun! 
Lets talk Halloween later...lets think about our outfits and what we will be up to that night? 
So much to think about! 

Be back later!

Peace, Love & Kara <3 


  1. Please do more Halloween recipes!! they're sooo fun!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Good luck on your sugar fast! I need to follow.
    I do love my sweets.


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