Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Flour Shop Bakery

Why hello...It's a good day, a good day for a cupcake review! 

  A new bakery opened up literally 2 minutes away from me...and i love it! It could be dangerous for me though as it is so darn easy to get too. 

The Flour Shop Bakery. 

Photo by The Flour Shop Bakery.

Myself, Faye, my Sister and Best Friend, Kirstie just so happened to come across this little gem the day it opened, and we couldn't have been more excited about it! We had been craving cupcakes and BOOM...Hello Flour Shop Bakery!

Outside the bakery. 

I love the window writing! 
Inside the bakery is quite small with light blue and bright orange walls. There are cute shelves with lots of knick knacks and a few places to sit. It feels super cozy and modern. I like it! The cupcake display is lite up and very welcoming many yummy treats to look at!

Yummy cupcakes and cookies Display
More cupcakes! 

Today my good friend, Missy and I went to The Flour Shop Bakery to try more of Cara's goodies. Cara is the owner and baker, we met her today and she is super friendly...she put up with me taking pictures and was kind enough to pose for one.

Hello Cara! 

The Flour Shop doesn't just have cupcakes. There are cookies, sometimes rice crispy treats (Faye had one of these and LOVED it!) and more! I have posted The Flour Shop Bakery's website at the bottom of this post so you can check it out for yourself! So many goodies!

But for today we tried a handful of cupcakes and a cookie. Wanna see??
Sure you do!


Here we have the Cupcake of The Week, Snickerdoodle Vanilla topped with Buttercream and rolled in Cinnamon Sugar. The furthest cupcake is a Pumpkin Cupcake. These are both the mini sized ones. 

Isn't Missy sweet! Enjoying her Mini Pumpkin Cupcake. She had finished the Snickerdoodle one whilst i was purchasing my treats...She must have liked it! 

Here is my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie...

This cookie was so good! Chocolate in every bite, i love the oatmeal taste. Oatmeal cookies make me feel happy...They remind me of my Nana's cookies, so always a winner in my books. I could have eaten more of these for sure. Super soft and tasty. I had too eat it before i even got home! I couldn't wait :D

Now for the cupcakes! Exciting right! I bought 2 mini cupcakes and 2 big ones...i wanted to buy more, but i know my limit...I could get sugar drunk. No one likes that.

Check out my minis!

Triple Chocolate Threat Cupcake.

This could be in my top 10 cupcakes EVER. So yummy! So chocolatey! A chocolate cake filled with a chocolate creme. I had forgotten that this cupcake was filled, it was a lovely surprise. The cupcake was moist and the filling was awesomely creamy. I love the filled cupcakes. A Must try if you are a chocolate lover!

Oh! Hey There Red Velvet Cupcake!

This is my fella's favorite cupcake flavor, i can see why! This cupcake is sweet and simply. It has a wonderful homemade taste that you just can't beat! Again this cupcake was moist and yummy. The frosting is super sweet, i have a sweet tooth clearly so i fully enjoyed it!

Now for the bigger cupcakes!

PB & C...YUM.

The Peanut Butter Crunch Ball that was on top of the cupcake.

I had never tried this cupcake before and it is now my new favorite! Peanut Butter rocks my world...but peanut butter AND chocolate...amazing! A rich chocolate cake filled with a peanut butter creme, tasty tasty tasty! Moist, and creamy! The frosting is a dark chocolate peanut butter ganache, topped with that awesome peanut butter crunch ball! LOVE IT! I would like another...10. Thanks.

Now for the Cupcake of the Week.
Snickerdoodle Vanilla Cupcake filled with a snickerdoodle cookie dough, topped with a buttercream frosting rolled in cinnamon sugar...

Look at it! So good! The cinnamon wasn't over whelming at all which is nice as i am not the biggest fan of it, but this tasted wonderful. A vanilla cake with a touch of cinnamon filled with cookie dough! My favorite part was the cookie dough! This blew my mind! This cupcake was soft, sweet and delicious. A very good flavor of the week. 

One of my favorites is the S'mores cupcake from here, i will have to show you another's amazing!! Oh and the cream cheese brownie sprinkled with sugar is wonderful!   

If you are able to get to this bakery...Then please do! It is so worth it :D Cara and everybody else that i have met there are all very nice and patient...(i take a while deciding what i want!) Check out the website to see all the cupcake flavors and what else is baked up fresh daily

Thank you The Flour Shop Bakery for letting me take pictures! :D 

Lets talk Halloween next...i have somethings i wanna show you ;P 

Peace, Love & Kara <3


  1. Mmmm. I'm totally wishing I had gotten a peanut butter cupcake now. Kara, I'm seeing a lot more trips to this place in the future. I love that it's like 5 mins from our houses! Oh and my cupcakes were ridiculously yummy! The Snickerdoodle was so surprising. Loved the cookie dough in the middle. So cool! And the just can't top pumpkin. Sooooo good. Next time you should try one of their Whoopie cookies. Tried the Carrot Cake one last time I was there. Carrot Cake anything is my favorite. Can't go wrong with any of these lil goodies. Thanks for inviting me Miss Kara!

  2. The mini cupcakes are really cute. They all look so delicious!

  3. Missy - I totally see them too! Thanks for coming with me! And thank youuu for the comment :D

    Zoe - The mini ones were like the perfect size! You could buy a bunch and just sample them! :D

  4. That Snickerdoodle cupcake looks like it'd make my life! omg

  5. Miss Ash - The snickerdoodle cupcake was so good!! :D


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