Monday, October 17, 2011

My Babies...

I have babies. A handful of and England. 

Of course i mean pets! Did you really think i had a bunch of babies!? I haven't been that busy! Don't get me wrong i loooove the babas! I love to hold them and try to eat their little chunky legs...and smell their wonderful little foreheads to take in the baby smell! Then hand them back to their parents. Done. 

Animals on the other hand...i will try to steal them. If you notice my bag moving slightly...chances are i have a teeny puppy in there. I kid, it's just Ruffles Bug. He is too big to hide now though, his head and tail pops out of the sides. Bless him, he puts up with it. 

The little loves of my life are my awesome pets.
 I am a complete animal person, i talk to them like their a person...i sometimes expect them to respond to my questions. I ask them lots of questions. That can't be normal. 
We have staring competitions. They get intense, but so far i have won MOST of them...Candy is a good little starer. Damn her. 
I will cook with them, explaining what i will be doing next. Its like a personal cooking show just for them...that also gets intense...i feel their little judging eyes when i eat some of the dough. Not cool. 
We sit and watch movies together. Sometimes Ruffles & Kirppu will bark...just to scare me. Those tricksters. 
If i leave the bathroom door open whilst doing my business...they will all come in with me...this i don't enjoy. I don't watch them do their thing...but whatever. Kind of rude. 

Want to meet my little fluffy balls of happiness? Too cute not to show them really!

Meet my Main Man...Bo. 

Bo Bum spent the first few weeks of his life in a Puppy Farm. A disgusting place where they breed dogs. These people don't care for the animals, just the money. It was clear Bo had been abused. He would shake uncontrollable, he was terrified of men, he hated water and would pee everywhere. My mum & dad chose Bo out of the other puppies because he wouldn't have been able to make it much longer. This little fella is the most gorgeous boy! He is a Staffordshire Bull Dog, all muscly and tough! Such a little gentleman. He and my daddy have a bond...but Bo turns to mush around me. I babied him so much! He loves the snow, and he will sit on your lap if you sit on the floor. Bo believes he is a lot smaller then he actually is...  Goodness i love him and miss him so much!

Check out Tigger! 

Tigger-a-liggs reminds me of a pirate's cat. Well what i assume a pirate's cat would look like and act like! His meow still sounds like a kitten's meow...he is too cute. A thug, a cute thug though. Tigger loves to be picked up...but only when he wants. Such a big kitty! Bo and Tigger are like best friends, they sleep in the same bed often. My Dad loves this cat, it's his little buddie. Daddy will talk to Tigger often. True story...My fella came to my Dad's house for Christmas and heard my Dad talking to Tigger. My fella was frightened. Frightened and confused.  I miss this ball of fluffy. He is a character. 

Oh Hey There Little Lady! Meet Candy Kisses (her show name, we didn't name her that.) 

This is my little sweetheart. Candy will let me pick her up and she will hold on tight like a little parrot. My teeny tiny little lady. She drinks water out of our bathroom sink and sleeps with her tongue out, lady like. I do the same sometimes. She is a fussy thing and will only want lovin's on her terms...what a gal! Candy is having to put up with my Mum's new kitten, Yoda. I haven't met that little fella yet! He looks super cute though! Look at little Yoda!

Meet my Sister's little fella...Jinx. 

This is honestly the only photo we have of him where you can see his face. He is a mover. He won't stay still. Our Jinx is a you say...special? A normal cat wouldn't fall off counters and sleep where they land. He will sit inches from the wall and just stare. He will wake up suddenly and stare down the dark he sees something. A monster perhaps? Jinx will sneeze on you and eat the fur around his face, but god bless him he will love you so much and want your attention always. Jinx follows Faye around like her little shadow. He is adorable and one of a kind. Our Jinxies <3 

Oh Hey My Little Finnish Friend Kirppu...

This little guy is my shadow. I fell in love with him about 3 1/2 years ago...he is a feisty, loud little man, but so so loving. Kirppu (means flea in Finnish) is a little grumpy fella, he will have no problem biting you if you piss him off. Not very social AT ALL...he will bark until he can't bark anymore...a good guard dog! I love it when he plays with his toys, he gets so excited and noisy! What a guy...i adore Mr Kirppu. 

Now for my little love bug. Meet Ruffles Bug. 

Ruffles was born at our house. Minnie & Mickey (2 dogs My boys family had made babies) are his parents. We helped Minnie give birth too 6 healthy puppies. Ruffles was the runt. He would never leave Minnie's side and would be the 1st one to cry. He had unusual markings and had a lot longer hair then the rest of the puppies...It was love at first sight. I raised Ruffles and pretend he is my child. Yeah...i am one of THOSE people...He follows me everywhere and pines after me when i am away, that breaks my heart...i would bring him everywhere with me if i could. He loves everybody and is a little attention seeker. Ruffles Bug is oh so loving, if you are sitting on the sofa he will climb up the side and try to sit on your shoulder whilst giving you kisses. I love this little man more then life it's self, he makes me the happiest human ever. My little Ruffles Bug.

My Mum's cat Bomber passed away about 2 years ago, he was the love of her life. Bomber was gorgeous and the biggest cat i had ever seen! 

This is me saying goodbye to him :( I was moving back to America and my Mum knew that this would be the last time i saw him as he was starting to get super sick. We grow very much attached to our pets, they truly do become apart of the family, so when we lose one part of the family it hurts more then anything. We miss him everyday. Bomber you big bear like kitty!

So there we have babies. I love them. I miss the ones i can't see everyday, but i think of them often and Faye tells me funny stories about them. Such little peoples! 

Peace, Love & Kara <3 


  1. They're so cute!
    I just got a new dog, he's a black pug and he's so tiny and cute! His name is Moo :)
    I have a post about him and my old dog on my blog if you're interested!

  2. my favourite bit is about my baby Jinx haha I loved this!!!

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Serena - I Saw Moo! Too cute! I think you guys should keep the name Moo!

    Faye - Jinxies is your baba!! I love his picture :D Thanks sissy <3

  4. Your so silly haha.. You do have a lot of pets!!
    To cute!



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